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07.02.2024 | Company News

Artec Engineering recently received an enquiry from our neighbours the Brooke Meadow Conservation Group, who wanted a bespoke fabricated storage container, which will be used for external use to store various items used to upkeep the meadow. We are luck enough to back onto the Brooke Meadow, which is a beautiful 5-acre site full of wildlife.


The representatives of Brooke Meadow wanted to have a fabricated container produced in galvanised sheet, as it was going to be stored outside. They also required two hinged doors for access and for it to be secured with a lock. We were provided with some rough dimensions of the size of the container in a hand drawn sketch. Following a meeting with Brooke Meadow we proposed the materials, time frame and cost.

Design Stage

Using our experience of fabrication, one of our experienced fabricators picked up this sketch and started to look into the most effective way to manufacture the container.

To give the container strength, the frame was manufactured in 25mm x 25m x 3.0mm m/st and 25 x 50mm x 3.0mm mm box section which were all individually cut to length. The frame was then assembled, welded and sides coated in a 3.0mm galvanised sheet. Two box section door frames were then assembled and coated with 3.0mm galvanised sheet before being hung onto the main container.

As the container was stored outside, security of the unit was a priority. The two doors were secured with a Kasp 73mm Shackle-less Padlock Steel. To ensure that the container could be transferred and moved, the container was formed on 4 box sections braces.

Storage Container in Place

Following the completion of the storage container, it took 10 employees from Artec to manually lift the container a short distance to a pad next to an existing storage unit. The storage container was then bolted to the existing storage container for extra security.

If you have a fabrication request for a storage container or general fabrication enquiry, the please get in touch today with one of our experienced team members who will gladly assist you.

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