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09.11.2023 | Company News

Hemispheres are used in a wide range of industries and are used in various applications such as tank ends, spheres, light shades and fire pits.
Dependent on the function of the hemispheres, these can be spun in materials such as aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel, bronze and copper.

The hemisphere is manufactured through the spinning process by forming a round metal blank over a metal former.

Artec has an extensive history of spinning hemispheres from 200mm dia. up to 1200mm dia. hemispheres.


We also have the capabilities to produce our own hemisphere tooling in house by one of our specialist tool makers.

This enables us to keep the costs down and ensures that the tool is made exactly to the dimensions and specifications you require.

Some of our customers require the hemispheres to be polished or the two hemispheres welded together to produce a sphere.

Once again, we have the in-house capabilities to fabricate, weld and polish based on your requirements.

Here are some examples of hemispheres that we have previously produce

Example 1:
This is an art sculpture titled the ‘Globe’, which is an interactive sound sculpture situated in Portsmouth City Centre designed by local artist Kate Viner.

Artec Engineering manufactured the sphere by spinning a hemisphere manufactured in mild steel and copper.

One of the hemispheres had a small band welded on the inside to locate the other hemisphere, which were then welded together to produce a sphere.

Example 2:

This is a spun 1200mm dia. aluminium hemisphere which was spun in 3.0mm 1050A Aluminium.

For this hemisphere, the customer required a superior finish which was carried out by one of our expert polishers.

If you have a current or upcoming hemisphere enquiry or a general spinning/fabrication project, then please contact Artec Engineering today to see how we can assist you.

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