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About Artec

Our Mission:
Efficient Processes
Customer Satisfaction

Artec Engineering in Emsworth, Hampshire

Customer satisfaction is the core of our business and we are continually striving to improve as a company and the service we provide.

To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

This accreditation confirms our commitment to providing a high standard of service to each and every one of our customers first time, every time.

Technology in Action

CNC Spinning Machines

UK Metal Engineering
Ideal for any volume of production

Bespoke DENN Metal Spinning Machine

This is a DENN bespoke machine built to our specification and will produce spinnings up to 1500mm in dia. from all materials up to and including 5mm st/st, 6mm m/st & 7.00mm Alloy.

The machine is designed to use tooling weighing over 1.3 tonne and will produce high and low volume production runs with world class quality finish and dimensional repeatability.

The machine moves Artec Engineering into the 21st Century and will give us the competitive edge to bring manufacturing back to the UK.

Denn Beading and Flanging Machine
Custom-built for repeatability

Beading & Flanging Machine RBV-160

This DENN bespoke machine built to our specification and configured to cover a range of parts from 400 dia. up to 1600 dia. from a range of materials including / m/st. and alloy.

The RBV-160 enables us to produce high and low volume production runs with a superior finish and dimensional repeatability.

Who we are

Meet The Team

Philip Kemp

Philip Kemp


Philip Kemp

Tom Cornell

Managing Director

Philip Kemp

Steve Bias

Works Director

Philip Kemp

Arek Jalowiec

Works Manager

Philip Kemp

Katie Fordyce

Purchasing Manager

Philip Kemp

Ursula Salero

Accounts & Business Manager


Our Mission:

Reducing Waste

Reducing material waste and ensuring that we are running efficiently as business, is something we are passionate about.

For all enquiries, we begin by looking at how we can get the maximum material usage, be it from the selecting the most efficient material for tooling based on the volume of spinnings being produced and the maximum number of blanks we can yield from a sheet of material.

Responsible Sourcing

Where possible, we try to source materials from our nearest suppliers, alongside using local sub-contractors.

Both of these factors help to reduce our carbon footprint. When it comes to the spinning process, metal spinning is lower in emissions due to little waste material being generated. Any waste material is sorted to ensure that the metal can be recycled and reused.

Our Services

Metal Spinning

Metal Forming

Metal Polishing

Metal Welding

Metal Fabrication

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