About Artec Engineering

Artec Engineering Limited

Metal Spinners since 1964, Artec Engineering have over half a century of experience. Situated in Emsworth in Hampshire, Artec are well positioned to serve the entirety of the United Kingdom and as one of the largest UK Metal Spinners – often do! Managing Director Phil Kemp has been in the company since 1975 and many of the staff have been with the company for 20 years plus.

Artec Engineering employ an economic and flexible approach and evaluate each situation independently. We handle precious and exotic materials, some of which may require special welding and fabrication processes. Our longevity within the metal spinning and metal fabrication industry, is testament to our competitiveness and pricing structures.

Our DENN Metal Spinning Machine

This is a DENN bespoke machine built to our specification and will produce spinnings up to 1500mm in dia. from all materials up to and including 5mm st/st, 6mm m/st & 7.00mm Alloy.

The machine is designed to use tooling weighing over 1.3 tonne and will produce high and low volume production runs with world class quality finish and dimensional repeatability.

The machine moves Artec Engineering into the 21st Century and will give us the competitive edge to bring manufacturing back to the UK from China & the far East.

Artec Engineering Can Produce: