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Artec Engineering have been specialists in metal spinning for over half a century.

During that time, we have established ourselves in many fields of metal work.

Here is some of the work that Artec Engineering have produced over the years for our customers.

Chladni Bowl

Chladni Bowl

Artec Engineering are proud to have successfully delivered a vibrating/oscillating three tier drinks dispenser. What is a Chladni Bowl? A Chladni bowl, named after physicist Ernst Chladni, is a resonant acoustic device used to visualise sound waves. When the bowl is...

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Crown of Stupa

Crown of Stupa

As renowned metal spinners based in Hampshire, UK, we proudly undertook the intricate and unique project of creating the Crown of Stupa, an essential component of one of the eight sacred shrines integral to the Buddhist faith. This elaborate section symbolises...

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Time Capsule

Time Capsule

Artec Engineering were approached by a school to create a Time Capsule that students were to bury for 100 years, the materials used and Metal Welding applied were therefore crucial to ensuring the contents of the time capsule remained intact. Using a very basic...

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