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Chladni Bowl – Bespoke Metal Spinning Project @ Artec Engineering

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02.05.2023 | Case Studies

Artec Engineering are proud to have successfully delivered a vibrating/oscillating three tier drinks dispenser.

We worked closely with our customer to design the Chladni bowl, which was to be used within the events industry. The design element to the bowl was critical to ensure that liquid was oscillating correctly and dispensed evenly.

What is a Chladni Bowl?

A Chladni bowl, named after physicist Ernst Chladni, is a resonant acoustic device used to visualise sound waves. When the bowl is vibrated by sound, the contents form intricate patterns known as Chladni figures.

An innovation in cocktail serving

A liquid-filled Chladni bowl is a creative fusion of physics and mixology, inspired by the Chladni plate experiment. In this innovative design, we produced a metal bowl that was partially filled with cocktail base. The bowl was mounted on a vibrating surface, and when sound waves were applied, the liquid formed dynamic patterns on the surface.

This mesmerising display not only showcases acoustic principles but also serves as an engaging method to dispense drinks. By integrating a dispensing mechanism into the vibrating setup, event guests can witness captivating Chladni patterns while their drinks are poured in a unique and entertaining manner.

All in all, the result is a truly novel experience that not only engages guests with the principles of physics but also elevates the art of drink presentation, turning a scientific demonstration into a sensory and interactive element within the realm of cocktail mixology. Cheers!

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