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Ben Rousseau award-winning British designer and the Tempus illuminated Time Piece frame manufactured by Artec Engineering Precision Metal Spinners

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19.03.2024 | Company News


Ben Rousseau is an award-winning British designer based in Brighton, UK. His ethos is to take you on an exhilarating creative journey, so you can make your dream interior or statement piece become a reality. With the business spanning Europe and the US, previous clients include Silicon Valley tech luminaries, world-famous sports stars, and members of the British glitterati.

When you work with Ben Rousseau Design you get a designer, an engineer, and a light artist all rolled into one. Spaces are considered in precisely the same way as an event producer designs a live stage show. Attention to detail is paramount, and each interior or installation must tell your story.

Drama and desirability teamed with usability and functionality are the watchwords that guarantee you a superior result. This is achieved through lighting, technology, quality materials, and precision craftsmanship. Ben Rousseau Design will enhance your life experience with just the right balance of pizazz and playfulness.

We will now take you through how Artec Engineering and Metal Spinning, worked with award-winning artist Ben Rousseau to bring their Tempus Time Piece Frame to life.

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Initial Enquiry

Ben approached Artec Engineering and Precision Metal Spinners with a spinning enquiry in August 2023. The design brief was for a spun frame made in 2.0mm 1050A Aluminium and a full spinning made in 2.0mm 1050A with a range of complex cut outs. Following a telephone conversation with Ben, it was evident that we were both keen to promote British Manufacturing and discussed the most cost-effective way to produce both parts.


The two spinning’s had the same diameter and depth, which reduced the tooling cost as this could be used for both parts. Initially we discussed with Ben wooden tooling but due to the number of parts being produced and the finish of the part requiring a flawless finish for the end use, we agreed on the most suitable option being a steel tool. As Artec Engineering and Precision Metal Spinners have the capability to produce our tooling in house, this enabled us to keep the tooling cost down but more importantly reduces lead time and guarantees that our high standards are maintained.

Customer Visit

Ben was eager to come and visit Artec Engineering and Precision Metal Spinners, so they could document the tooling being made and get a feel for the craftmanship involved in the manufacturing process. The visit allowed Ben to visit the factory and meet our expert tool maker, Joe, who discussed what he was doing during the machining of the tool. We feel that a visit from our customers helps to build a positive relationship between both parties and is the only true way that you can get a sense of the ethos and values of the people you are working with at Artec Engineering and Precision Metal Spinners.


Due to the tooling having to be manufactured and the complex lasering of parts, we had given Ben an 8-week deadline for the tooling to be made and the 15 spinning’s. However, Ben had a very urgent deadline looming with an invite to showcase his innovative new collection of Tempus illuminated Time Piece at the very first British Watchmakers’ Day by the Alliance of British Clock and Watch Makers at Lindley Hall, London. This gave us about 2 weeks to get the lasered parts back in the factory, spun and back in the hands of Ben, so there was time for him to get the spinning’s finished and assembled.


Ben and I kept in contact throughout the whole process about the urgent deadline and after pulling in some favours from our lasering company, we were able to get the lasered blanks back in our hands on Monday 4th March. The spun parts needed to be completed by the end of Tuesday, so Ben could take these back to his workshop.

Customer Visit 2

On Tuesday 5th March, Ben travelled from Brighton to document the spinning process. John, one of our experienced metal spinners, set up the lathe with the tooling in preparation for his visit. Ben was delighted meet and shake the hand of the craftsman responsible for spinning and observe the skill and knowledge to turn a flat disc into a spun frame with ease. Again, Ben documented the whole process from start to finish and was blown away by the care and attention to detail of the spun parts.

Getting it right

The first spinning, required the front be cut out to create the frame for his Tempus Time Piece Frame, which was machined on our turning lathe. Again, Ben was able to document this process and meet Joe, who took him through the complete process. The second spinning, which had several complex cut outs, was inspected by Ben, who was blown away by the end product. To enhance this further, he asked if we could add a grain finish to the face of the spinning. Customer satisfaction and providing a high-quality product is at the heart of what we do at Artec Engineering and Precision Metal Spinners, so we were more than happy to complete this additional process.

Deadline achieved

Ben left Artec Engineering and Precision Metal Spinners with the completed frames and spinning’s on Tuesday 5th March at 4.00pm, so he was able to get to his finishers the next day at 7.00am and give him a fighting chance to get the clocks assembled ready to display at the Alliance of British Clock and Watch Makers at Lindley Hall, London on Saturday 9th March 2024.

In Conclusion

We were delighted to get the opportunity to work with Ben Rousseau and help him achieve his vision for the spun parts he required. The show was a great success and Ben received fantastic feedback on his design. Ben has already been in contact with Artec Engineering and Precision Metal Spinners about the manufacture of some smaller spinning’s based on the quality of the work he has received and we will look forward to working together again in the future.

If you have a current or general spinning/fabrication project, then please contact Artec Engineering today to see how we can assist you.

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