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29.08.2023 | Company News

Following the recent investment of a new bespoke DENN beading and flanging, Artec Engineering Precision Metal Spinners has now positioned itself to be a future leader in the manufacture in high volume fan casings with dimensional repeatability.

Our new RBV-160 CNC machine has the capabilities to spin both flanges simultaneously, with this dual process dramatically reducing the labour involved compared to a manual operation.

Please click on the link to see our RBV-160 in action

This DENN bespoke machine built to our specification and configured to cover a range of parts from 400 dia. up to 1600 dia.from a range of materials including / m/st. and alloy.

The RBV-160 enables us to produce high and low volume production runs with a superior finish and dimensional repeatability.

If you have an enquiry about your current or future fan casing requirements or a general enquiry, then please contact Artec Engineering Precision Metal Spinners and how we can support you with your next project. 

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