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DENN Beading and Flanging Machine – RBV-160

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25.04.2023 | Company News

On Tuesday 15th November, we were delighted to receive our latest addition to Artec Engineering with our bespoke DENN beading and flanging machine – RBV-160.

Following its long journey from Barcelona, Spain, it was expertly unloaded and installed by Blackmores Machinery Haulage.

Denn Beading and Flanging Machine Delivery

This DENN bespoke machine built to our specification and configured to cover a range of parts from 400 dia. up to 1600 dia. from a range of materials including / m/st. and alloy. 

The RBV-160 enables us to produce high and low volume production runs with a superior finish and dimensional repeatability.

This new addition allows Artec Engineering to move into the 21st century and will give us a competitive edge to bring manufacturing back to the UK from China and the Far East. 

Please contact Artec Engineering today to discuss your requirements today.

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