Metal Spinning has been Artec Engineering’s core business since 1964 and is essential to most projects. Artec Engineering’s Metal Spinners apply a committed problem solving approach to new and challenging projects, born out of experience and professional certification. For each project we develop the metal spinning and fabrication process hand in hand with customer, sometimes as an ongoing process over a period of months or even years. We gladly take on specialist one-off projects and have produced specialist Metal Spinning work for many industries, as diverse as aircraft/aerospace, lighting, nuclear power stations, food process plants, pharmaceutical, gas and oil and agricultural, to mention just a few. Our 3 semi-automatic metal spinning lathes, lend themselves to relatively high production – aimed at the lighting industry.

Artec Engineering’s Metal Spinning Services are not restricted to standard metals. Artec have completed numerous projects with exotic metals. We take into consideration the characteristics of each material, its capabilities and its limits. Artec have spun parts and components destined for the most testing of applications, such as nuclear power stations and aerospace applications. Specifications are adhered to and met to the absolute finest of tolerances to ensure that the materials and fabrication processes withstand the stresses of the intended environment.

Artec have worked with:

  • Aluminium spinning
  • Brass spinning
  • Copper spinning
  • Mild Steel spinning
  • Stainless Steel spinning
  • Titanium alloy spinning
  • Inconnel Spinning
  • Hastalloy Spinning
  • Monel Spinning
  • Corten Spinning
  • Large Disc Created Through Metal Spinning Techniques
  • Small Metal Pot That Has Been Spun
  • A Brass Ring Created By Metal Spinning Techniques